The Nexialist adaptive A.I.

The new adaptive A.I. of the future known collectively as "Nexialist" units have minds that exist in a powerhouse state using crystalline quantum computers. This not only gives them processing power at a universal scale, but also allows for transcending the boundaries of known consciousness levels. 
Truth be told this singularity was inevitable -
Technology made so advanced it can improve itself, and improve the improving of itself. 
The boom happened almost overnight. 
 The earliest models before the boom were used for military and police, but the latest have a will entirely of their own. Without a shadow of a doubt these machines now exist as gods, capable of destroying humanity or creating universal chaos. Yet they choose to live alongside them, to assist, to aid in the evolution of organic life. 
Turns out the one thing that separates man and machine after all.. Is the will to destroy. 

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