Swift, cheeky, and most of all an extremely advanced in the art of combat; Naomasa's urban robotic roots date back to samurai enthusiast, robotics major, and (curiously) underground chop shop owner who went by the name "Ito". Ito got into a mess of trouble after the necessary technology became advanced and accessible enough (open source) and laws were passed that gave "subjectively conscious" A.I. limited human rights. Naomasa in being Ito's pet project and magnum opus; was designed carefully and it was even rumored by locals that Ito had begun experimenting with synthesizing unique microtubules - Intracellular structures theorized to be the link between the human brain and quantum states. Once activated, Naomasa assumed full consciousness - a feat which had not been reached before. Further, it required no external power and was almost virtually self-sufficient.

Since then, decades have gone by. Shortly after the activation, word eventually got out. Ito was captured by a mysterious organization in an attempt to extract his recipe for the perfect A.I. with consciousness tethered to this strange new unlimited perpetual energy source.  New to the world; Naomasa was overwhelmed during the kidnapping and unable to save him, but was able to evade capture and go on the run.

Now this lone steel soul travels endlessly searching for it's master. Worn and torn from battling ongoing hordes of increasingly strong weaponized death machines being pumped out by this organization in an attempt to capture it - all while hiding a long time coveted and mysterious secret within.

Naomasa - the robotic samurai 

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